Odd Factors that Increase Your Home Value

Curb appeal and location are some common factors that increase your home value. But what about the uncommon factors? Here are a couple of odd things that bump up your home’s value.

How Close you are to National-Chain Coffee Shops

If your home is a quarter mile away from a Starbucks, expect the value of your home to increase by 96%. It also works for Dunkin’ Donuts too since it that same study, homes that were a quarter mile away had an 80% value increase.

Blue Kitchens and/or Blue Bathrooms

Pops of blue can go a long way in your kitchen or bathroom. Homes with blue kitchens were sold for $1,809 premium while homes with blue bathrooms were sold for $5,440 premium.

Trendy Features

Stay on trend! Farmhouse sinks and barn doors are in right now and homes that include either feature sell faster and for more (8% to 13.5% more and 57 days faster).

City Proximity

There has been a 54% increase in the value of urban homes the past couple of years. Compared to suburban homes, urban homes are worth up to 35% more.