Bryan Upton

Broker, President and CEO

Bryan Upton IMr. Upton earned his degree from the University of North Texas in 1994 with a specialty in Entrepreneurship. After returning home to Houston after graduation Mr. Upton launched a residential paint contracting company that grew into one of the largest in Houston. The company exceeded the industry average in sales by 500% with a 95.7% customer satisfaction rating and 82% of the business coming from repeat and referral customers. This dynamic opportunity allowed Mr. Upton to manage fifteen employees and multi-task four job sites, sales, marketing, bookkeeping and customer service. Although he had achieved success he decided to close the doors. He is quoted as saying, “I learned a great deal from that experience, but I just didn’t have the passion I knew I needed to continue to grow the business.”

In 2001 Mr. Upton decided to close the company when he was recruited to offer individual health insurance programs to small business owners for a national firm as a contract employee. The opportunity allowed him to still be self-employed, but have support coming from the corporate office. Within six months he was promoted to District Manager where he recruited, trained, and managed eighteen sales representatives. From this position he was able to develop a national sales training program and promote three of his key employees to District Managers. During this time Mr. Upton won the 2001 Sales Representative of the Year Award, 2002 Team Builder of the Year Award, and in 2003 was appointed to the Presidential Advisory Council.

In March of 2003 Mr. Upton began researching the real estate investment market. During the next two years he attended numerous seminars and read every real estate investment book he could get his hands on. What he slowly began to realize is that he found what he had been looking for in his professional career. . .  his passion. In March 2004 he purchased his first home solidifying his resolve to enter the real estate market. During the next two years Mr. Upton went on to purchase 35 single-family rental properties and a small 8-unit apartment complex in Spring Branch.

In August of 2007 Mr. Upton was recruited to mentor new investors on how to locate, evaluate, finance, close, rehab, lease, and sell investment property. He was immediately put in charge of opening a new branch of the consulting firm in the Central Texas area. Simultaneously, he was asked to spearhead a turn-around of the Dallas office where he achieved rapid results. Within the first month of the turn-around he was able to increase sales 300% while hiring and training a new staff.

During his tenure at the consulting firm Mr. Upton acquired his real estate agent license in 2008 and earned his broker designation in 2010.

Hearing about Mr. Upton’s rapid results, he was recruited by Guardian Equity Management in April 2009 where he served as Executive Vice President and was eventually promoted to Chief Executive Officer of seven divisions of the Guardian Companies. During his tenure at the Guardian Equity Companies Mr. Upton continued to add to his real estate portfolio purchasing interests in four apartment complexes consisting of 564 units. Since leaving Guardian in 2013 Mr. Upton continues to add to his portfolio. He has even gone on to add
international real estate investing to his résumé.

His unique background as a business owner and active real estate investor adds tremendous value to all of the companies he is involved in. He is a frequent guest host on numerous real estate radio shows and is a sought after speaker an educator. His passion for the business is easily seen. In fact, even on the weekends he is running around Houston looking for deals. He eats, sleeps, lives, and breathes real estate.

Although he lists Real Estate Investing as his number one hobby, Mr. Upton also trains in Mixed Martial Arts and currently holds a purple belt in Jiu Jitsu. You can find him at Elite Mixed Martial Arts three to four times a week.

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