Upton Gray Properties is a boutique brokerage firm located and specializing in Houston, Texas real estate. We have found that by being small and focused it allows us to pay special attention to our clients needs and deliver personal service rarely seen in today’s marketplace. We do this by only working with clients we believe we can build long-term business and personal relationships with. We also limit how many clients we are actively working with at one time to insure our high service standards. This way you know you will get the attention you deserve.

We live, breath, eat, sleep, and even dream about real estate. It’s our passion at Upton Gray Properties and it’s what makes us exceptional. Our founder, Bryan Upton, started in the real estate industry as an investor and continues to buy and sell about one to two properties per month. As an investor it’s critical to know the neighborhoods and the details of what makes a good deal. This knowledge and passion is ingrained in our agents and passed to our clients so they can make the most informed decision possible when buying or selling their homes.

Our Name

We get asked all the time about the company name. The Upton in Upton Gray appears fairly obvious. It’s Mr. Upton’s last name. It’s meant to honor the spirit and tradition of the family. However, that would only be half the story as it’s only half of the family. The Gray in Upton Gray is Mr. Upton’s Mother’s maiden name. The Gray is to honor his Mother’s side of the family. In particular his Grandparents, Inez and Hubert Gray who had a significant impact on his life. In addition, the color scheme for our logo, grey, is a play on the family name.

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