5 Reasons to Hire a Home Stager

“What is a home stager?” Like interior designers, home stagers decorate a room or home using a variety of tools including color, furniture, and even lighting. However, the main difference is WHO they’re decorating for. Interior designers decorate to make you, the client, happy in your space. Home stagers decorate not with the home owner’s preferences in mind but with what will SELL. Home stagers stage the home in a way that is most appealing to a mass market (hence the name). But now we ask: “Why should I hire a home stager?” Home stagers stage the home in a way that is most appealing to a mass market (hence the name). The benefits they bring may surprise you!

Increases Value of Home & Decreases Days on Market

According to the National Association of Realtors, 32% of homes were sold for 1% to 5% higher value when staged while 16% of homes were sold for 6% to 10% higher value when staged. At most, Realtors saw up to a 20% value increase when a home was staged. Days on market also have been reported to decrease when staged.

On the buyer’s side, 81% of buyers have reported they have an easier time visualizing themselves in a home when it is staged, 46% of sellers are willing to walk through when they see a staged home online and 26% of sellers are willing to overlook faults in a home if it is well staged.

Experienced Artists

In a way, home stagers are artists. They decorate a home to bring out its fullest selling potential. Experienced stagers will not only know what’s trending in the interior design world but what is selling in a real estate market. The experience they bring to the table won’t have you second-guessing which art piece to put on which wall.

Impartial Third-Party

Home stagers have one job: to sell a home. They aren’t emotionally attached to a space, so they will bring an impartial eye when inspecting the home for the first time. Furniture pieces you adore might be put aside to bring something in that’s more appealing while décor you dislike might be put front-and-center due to trends. They can also help de-personalize and de-clutter a room, two key tricks that will help in selling a home.

Connections to Other Industries

Home stagers don’t focus on just furniture. They consider lighting, paint, basically every aspect of a room. And fixing those parts requires extra hands. Luckily, experienced home stagers have a network of painters, contractors, and the like to rely on to give your home that extra sellable boost.

No Stress!

Selling a home is already stressful enough but leaving the decorating part to someone else will take a load off the seller’s shoulders. It also gives the seller piece of mind that there is a team working hard to make their home as profitable as possible.